In addition to the previously mentioned modules there are some others left we categorized under Miscellaneous. They deliver different functions as explained below.

Flash movie

With the Flash movie module you can easily add any .swf file to be displayed on your site. This might come in handy if you would like to display web banners, Flash menus or any other kinds of Flash visualisations. Several options allow you to define the appearance of the Flash movie such as width and height, the transparency mode (wmode), FlashVars and if you want to trigger an internal or external source.

Article list

The module "article list" shows all articles of an selected page (or all if empty) from a specified column. In the example above you see all articles of the home page in the main column.

Random image

The module "random image" displays randomized images. 

Reload the Page to see another random image

Custom HTML

The Custom HTML module is plain and simple. You get a text area input field that renders all your HTML content as a module. You can use it for all kinds HTML tags. Custom HTML

Custom HTML

HTML content as a module

RSS reader

The RSS reader module offers the possibility to integrate XML-feeds into your website. You can add multiple feeds, define the number of news items to be displayed, set the items per page to activate a pagination or tell the module how many news items you would like to skip.

Security vulnerability CVE-2018-20028

CVE-2018-20028 identifies a security vulnerability in Contao, which allows logged in back end users to view records that have not been enabled for them.

Contao Manager 1.1.0 is available

Contao Manager version 1.1.0 is available. The release contains a new System Recovery feature, advanced installation options and improved package search results.

Security vulnerability CVE-2018-17057

CVE-2018-17057 identifies a security vulnerability in TCPDF, which also affects Contao.