A powerful CMS

Manage your contents the easy/simple way. Contao enables you to create awesome interactive elements like the slider you see here with ease. This slider is based on swipe.js and comes out of the box with/including support for mobile devices.

Big Slider C

Highly Extendible

Contao ist highly extendible with a lot of extensions build by the great Contao community. Go and check out the Contao Extensions to see more than 1500 extensions.

Flexible Templating

The modification of templates is very simple and straight forward. Nearly every template can be modified and in Contao. It is also possible to create as many extra templates for each element as you like. Take a look at the case studies to see the variety.

Contao Case Studys

About this demo

Welcome to the official demo website of the open source content managment system Contao. On its pages you will find demonstrations and examples of some of the features this CMS has to offer. The Contao demo website can be added when installing the CMS and is designed to help you get started with your first web projects.

Like many other content management system, Contao is divided into two areas: the back end (administration area) and the front end (website). You are currently viewing the front end. To log in to the back end, add /contao to the URL of the site (https://demo.contao.org/contao).

This demo contains a scenario demonstrating the different users - admins and editors - and their specific roles and rights within the CMS. Contao covers a lot of different scenarios: from a simple website managed by a single administrator to a community website with a lot of members participating as front end users. Complex company websites as intranet or internet solutions with a lot of back end users can be realized as well.

The scenario includes three back end users (employees) and two front end users (students). Each of those users has been assigned a different role. You are able log in to their accounts and see how Contao looks like from their perspective. Please note that employees with the back end user role can only log in to the back end and students as front end users can only log in to the front end.

Front end Login

Please choose a set of credentials below to login as a front end member. This feature demonstrates the posibility to create a member area for your website.

1. John Smith

Username: j.smith
Password: johnsmith
Role: front end user

2. Donna Evans

Username: d.evans
Password: donnaevans
Role: front end user

Back end Login

If you like to see the administration panel of Contao, please choose a back end user below to log into the panel.

1. Kevin Jones – Administrator

Username: k.jones
Password: kevinjones
Role: back end user and administrator

2. Helen Lewis – Editor

Username: h.lewis
Password: helenlewis
Role: back end user

3. James Wilson – Editor

Username: j.wilson
Password: jameswilson
Role: back end user

Learn more

On the following pages you will get a brief introduction into the basics of Contao. We can not explain each and every possibility Contao has to offer, but you will get the essential information and a first glimpse of what this CMS can do.

What about some basics on Navigation. Also a straight forward Calendar is on board.

Content Elements Modules

There is a lot more to discover in this demo.
Make sure you also visit https://contao.org for more information.

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